In the project we have four partners: three service providers and one expert partners. As the applicant organisation, Stichting REA College Pluryn is responsible for the project management. With the cooperation of all partners, the project manager is responsible for the process in the project and  the expert is responsible for the project results.

Partners are:

Stichting REA College Pluryn, The Netherlands (bgrimbergen[at]
Biotehniski izobrazevalni center Ljubljana, Slovenia (tanja.kek[at]
Centro de Formação de Associação de Escolas Centro-Oeste, Portugal (cristina[at]
All About Quality Consultancy, The Netherlands (quality[at]

Critical Friend

4BUSINESS life skills (mchiappa[at]

To receive independent, critical and constructive feedback on the way we work together, prepare the meetings, in addition to the standard evaluations, we subcontract a “Critical Friend”. This person will be present at the 5 Transnational meetings. He provides additional information to the formal evaluation of these meetings. 

Associated partners

In the project we have 7 Associated Partners. They have committed themselves to supporting the dissemination and sustainable implementation of the project results by informing their network partners about the project. They have access to materials of the project, to online meetings, national meetings and one international meeting. 

One of the associated partners (ROC Rijn IJssel, The Netherlands) participates in the project like the other project partners by attending all meetings, contribute to the Project Results and run a test in their own organisation