This project aims to increase the effectiveness of Vocational Education and Training for students with Special Educational Needs. The project also aims to increase the competences of teachers and VET-organisations providing a learner centred approach for each student in their own organisation so they can increase the achievements of their educational and training efforts.

More specific the objectives of the project are:

  • To understand the concept of Learner-Centred-Approach, the core-aspects of Learner-Centred Approach and characteristics and elements of an Individual Learning Plan
  • To identify and describe innovative teaching methods, techniques and materials which contributes to a Learner-Centred Approach
  • To identify and define criteria for developing individualised and flexible curricula
  • To gain and to improve competence of teachers in developing an Individual-Learning-Plan for each student based on the concept of Learner-Centred Approach.
  • To test and to implement (put-into-practice) the Learner-Centred-Approach and Individual Planning in the daily practice of the teacher. 

Project Results

At the end of the project, 4 Project Results will be in place:

  1. Learner-Centred-Approach and Persons Centred Planning
    a description of the concept, methods and techniques
  2. Facilitators, barriers and recommendations
    a description of facilitators and barriers and recommendation to the implementation of Learner Centered Approach (LCA) and 
    Individual Learning Plan (ILP) in mainstream VET
  3. Self-assessment Instrument for Learner Centered Approach
  4. Manual Learner Centered Planning